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User Groups At EuphoricFX

Postby Lucan63 » Aug Sun 07, 2011 9:15 pm

For new members and others who don’t know what user groups here are or how they work, I am posting this announcement outlining artist progression and what the other groups are, and how to join or be inducted into them.

All members of these groups will be given free download access for the duration of their group membership. No mass downloading and you must maintain a 10-1 download to upload ratio or your download access may at our discretion be suspended.

New members who desire to become Designers here need to understand that just popping in your first day and adding a few covers will not get you free download access here, we are looking for "regular" up-loaders who "want" to become a part of our community here and contribute quality works of custom covers that appeal to our members, so be prepared to prove your intent by contributing quality covers regularly over time to show us you intend to do more than just "grab and go". Sorry but we have seen too much of that over the years it will take time to get approved for Designer status and once you do you will need to continue to support the site to keep it.

In addition you must contribute artwork that gets downloads. If you upload 100 items and have 10 downloads then you might be working the wrong titles or need to improve your designs to attract more interest. To be considered for upgrade to Designer here your uploads have to be downloaded by our members on a consistent basis this means you must have a Gallery Power Ranking of 500 or more (found on your profile in the Gallery Stats Section) with at least 50 uploads and no rejects in the last 50 uploads.

We no longer have Label Designer Groups at EFX. If all or the bulk of your uploads are labels, then you will not be eligible for a Designer Upgrade for free downloads.

You can see your Designer Contribution stats for the current month and the previous three months as well as how you were rated for each on your User Control Panel Overview page.

It can be accessed by clicking the My Account tab on the main menu or if you are in the Message System clicking the Overview tab will bring up this view as well.

Link to Your UCP User Control Panel

If you are rated Below Average in one or more recent months then your group status might be downgraded to inactive preventing you from downloading, so keep a check on it. If account inactivity continues beyond that point then you may lose your Group Status completely, keep in mind "there will be no warning given before a group downgrade happens, it's up to you to keep a check on it."

Note for Exclusive Designers: If you upload exclusively to EFX you will advance faster and will not be subject to loss of group status for inactivity unless that changes. Downloads may still be limited or suspended for lack of uploading activity but no downgrade from your group will happen and you only need to resume contributing again to reactive downloads for your account.

Creative Groups

Designers Group

"New Designer"
Entry level for this group, if you show incentive in contributing covers to the site on a consistent basis you may be selected for inclusion in the Designers group as a probationary member, you will be listed as a "New Designer" - there will be a 100 Total Gallery Download limit while you are a New Designer this can last from 30-90 days depending on your activity and contributions.

If you have shown incentive in contributing covers to the site for 30-90 days as a New Designer then you be moved from probationary status and made a full Designer an listed as a "Designer" then the Download limit will be lifted.

"Exclusive Designer"
Is a special rank reserved for those who upload only to EFX. Exclusive Designers are our most valued contributors in this group.

Note: If you are considered a Label Designer then your rank will not change and it will be far more difficullt to get promoted to this group.

Artists Group

Next, after a probationary period, determined on an artist by artist basis, because some of you are known and some of you are not, you may be selected to join the Artists Group as a Artisan if we feel your work is unique enough to warrant promotion.

"Exclusive Artisan"
Is a special rank reserved for those who upload only to EFX. Exclusive Artisans are valued contributors.

Note: Artisans will have their own personal gallery and will be abbe to create new albums in their own gallery to organize it how they like.

There maybe other situations where members would warrant inclusion in this group, the Administration at EFX will make those decisions based on what in it's own judgment serves the membership and the site's best interests.

Resident Artists Group

"Resident Artist"
Last, if the site Administration here determines that you regularly contribute quality original work and the time for this to happen will be some later time after you have risen to the rank of Artisan, then you may be selected to join the Resident Artists Group, in addition you can be nominated by a Resident or Design Pro on the Site to be considered for Resident Artist promotion, if that happens and provided you meet the minimum requirements (determined by site Administration), then a vote among all current Residents and Design Pros will happen with the majority opinion deciding your admission.

"Exclusive Resident"
Is a special rank reserved for those who reach Resident status and upload only to EFX. Exclusive Residents are our most valued contributors and are not subject to lose their group status due to inactivity as long as they remain exclusive to EFX.

Note: There maybe other situations where members would warrant inclusion in the Residents Group, the Administration at EFX will make those decisions based on what in it's own judgment serves the membership and the site's best interests.

Design Pros Group

"Design Pro"
Finally, if we feel you contribute very original content to the site you may be selected for the Design Pros Group, if your in the Design Pros Group then your work already speaks for itself.

"Exclusive Design Pro"
Is a special rank reserved for those who upload only to EFX.

Exclusive Design Pros are our most valued contributors.

Note: The Administration at EFX will make those decisions based on what in it's own judgment serves the membership and the site's best interests when promoting to this group.

In addition any member of the Design Pro Group may suggest inclusion of any current resident in he group then if approved by EFX administration a vote to confirm them will be held.


Comp Organizer Group
A special member who manages the Events and Contests portion of the site here at EFX including the forum moderation for the Competition Forums, making announcements, coming up with new contests, announcing winners, promoting contests etc, you must have a lot of available time to commit to the site in order to be considered for this position.

In closing...

Some ranks and groups have been removed from this listing as they are being phased out here at the site, if you hold one or are a member of a group not listed here then be careful you don't lose it, as once those are gone then they will never be available again.

Please do not PM staff or post in the forums requesting status changes for artist groups or ranks, we monitor the activities here and will select members based on our own judgments.

Notes here:

1. Failure to stay active on the site will be just cause to have your group status revoked, meaning no free download access.

2. Starting to mass download items will be just cause to have your group status revoked immediately.

3. Getting too far out of ratio on "uploads vs downloads", then we may revoke your group status.

If your group status is revoked for any of the above reasons, then it will be much harder to get that status back, just putting that out so there is no confusion on that if it happens to you.

Final decision on all group memberships and ranks is at the discretion of EFX administration and subject to change at any time for any reason.

Thanks to all the artists for selecting EFX as a host for your work, and to others for your valuable contributions & site participation.

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